As the body uses nutrients during exercise. Buy Human Growth Hormone online


The conversion mechanism of food into energy depends upon several factors, Somatropin. Knowing the basic principles of this mechanism, it is possible to learn to distribute the load and to eat that will help significantly improve athletic performance.

Sport dietetics based on an understanding of how nutrients – fats, proteins and carbohydrates – converted into energy that is needed to perform body exercise. Buy Somatropin. These substances are converted in the body into energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The energy required to work the muscles, the body takes a split of ATP. But each of these three nutrients buy testogel uk a conversion mechanism into ATP.

Carbohydrates – this is the main source of energy to perform intense exercise. Fats, on the contrary, provide energy for long, but non-intensive exercise. Proteins do not supply the body with energy. They are mainly used as the building material for tissue, legal Somatropin.

Energy metabolism in the body

The body can not store ATP (cumulative ATP used by the body for a few seconds), so that during exercise the body has to constantly make ATP, Somatropin order. There are two basic ways to convert nutrients into body ATP: aerobic metabolism (oxygen) and anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) Human Growth Hormone influence.

ATP-FC anaerobic pathway

ATP-FC pathway (sometimes called the phosphate system) provides the organism with energy for 10 seconds, and is used for short-term intense loads buy anavar 10mg, such as, for example, hundred-meter sprint. In this case, the body does not require oxygen for ATP production. First, he uses the entire ATP accumulated in muscle (for 2-3 seconds) and then begins to use phosphocreatine (kreatinfosfornoy acid) for the synthesis of ATP. When creatine supply runs out (this happens in 6-8 seconds), the body goes back to the synthesis of ATP by aerobic or anaerobic. Buy Somatropin online.

Anaerobic Metabolism – Glycolysis

Anaerobic metabolism, or glycolysis, only synthesizes ATP from carbohydrates. A byproduct of this metabolism is lactic acid, legal Somatropin. When glycolysis energy is released as a result of the partial splitting of glucose and oxygen is not required for this. Anaerobic metabolism produces energy for short, intense exercise, lasting no more than a few minutes, Human Growth Hormone. After clenbuterol for sale uk a few minutes the accumulated lactic acid reaches a certain limit, the so-called lactate threshold, and thus the person feels fatigue, pain and a burning sensation in the muscles.