Features Body Powerlifters. Influence of Human Growth Hormone


This article examines the specific somatic features athletes – powerlifters, Somatropin, the largest influence on the results shown in the individual exercises, the comparative analysis and recommendations to achieve them.

To achieve a good result in the squat powerlifter should possess:

-Maximum hypertrophied rear beams deltidov to securely hold the rod when the stomach movement, especially in its lower part for kicking the thigh to the lower portion of the trajectory of the buttocks to ensure the success of the judicial control of visual depth performance exercise. Buy Somatropin.

-Minimal developed pectoral muscles, as the biasing of the center of gravity forward and make it difficult to hold a proper position of the torso biceps and triceps that prevent correct grip barbell calf muscles, in order to allow to impose the maximum number of turns bandages, Somatropin order.

The highest results in the bench press is achieved by athletes, having:

were extremely short arms, and the most developed pectoral muscles, which reduces the path length of the bar, lordosis (spine in the lumbar deflection), contributing to a better acceptance of the initial position – the bridge, the most hypertrophied buttocks firmly related to the bench, Somatropin for sale, even at the maximum deflection of the spine when making the initial position (bridge ), use Human Growth Hormone.

-Minimal developed thighs and calf muscles, if not involved in the movement, allowing comply lighter weight category.

The factors most conducive to the achievement of good results in the thrust are:

-the presence of powerful forearms to hold the rod of sufficient length arms and short legs on the contrary to reduce the path length of the bar, and powerful buttocks, holding the trunk and straightens it. Buy Somatropin online.

Thus, the sum of the factors, the gluteal muscles is essential to achieve maximum results in the amount and in some movements, and comparative analysis of body structure these features for each movement shows that the only characteristic is listed once for all three movements – maximum hypertrophy of the gluteal muscles.

This is the scientific explanation of why most of the top athletes introduces injections directly into the gluteal muscles, legal Somatropin.

Conclusions: The training process should be directed primarily to the acquisition of the maximum volume of the buttocks, Human Growth Hormone buy online.