Injuries – it’s awful! How to avoid Somatropin side effects?


The worst thing that can happen to a serious bodybuilder involved – this injury. Veteran athletes know that any imbalance in the physique can be eliminated by proper diet and appropriate training, Somatropin. You are too heavy? Reduce the calories, carbohydrates Anabole Steroide in Schweiz, or fats in your diet and wait for the relief of the press. Some part of the body lagging behind? Include specialized training program. You want to strengthen specific muscle groups? No problems. But it is quite another thing – an injury.

Have you noticed that they always happen when you are on top form? Is this a coincidence? Were there injuries are always after a period of steady progress, use Human Growth Hormone? So whether they are inevitable? On the last question the answer is “no”, and the previous – “yes.” Buy Somatropin.

If you practiced quite regularly and have achieved good results, the risk of injury is particularly high. And the main reason – the decline of vigilance. Knowing that you are in good shape, you do not pay enough attention and time to workout. Are you satisfied with the results and strength, and you will increase even more burdening. And what if a bit of cheating in last repetitions? Legal Somatropin. I will be able to master it!

That’s why injuries so insulting. They are almost always avoidable. People tend to ignore the first danger signals, thereby aggravating the situation, and continue to train until they get seriously injured. Remember how often you feel a slight pain, ignore it, or give a week for treatment, Somatropin for sale, then returned to training and found that you can not do anything at all? Next in your schedule includes regular visits to the doctor, instead of the visits hall.

Can I avoid injuries? In principle – yes, even though each of my friends bodybuilders in my entire 52-year career I was getting those or other injury, including myself. So on what my optimism is based? The fact that experienced bodybuilders must constantly learn from sermorelin for sale their mistakes. The old saying, “Those who can not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them” fully applies to bodybuilders. Buy Somatropin online.

I want to share with you my experience on the prevention of injuries received during the long years of training, and discuss the four most common types of Human Growth Hormone effects. Maybe you find it necessary to make some changes in those exercises that are prone to cause injury. If I’m late, and you’re injured – maybe my tips will help rapid recovery.

Limber up

This is the first condition for security training. Always warm up, otherwise you are waiting for the problem. Stretching is also important, but not as much as a good workout. First, knead the parts of the body that will work, then drag them. Buy Human Growth Hormone.

Warm-up – it’s just a work in a high number of repetitions in the exercises that you are coming. Weight, of course, must be small. Warm, in fact, a small gym with weights and high reps.

Upper body workout, I start with three warm-up exercises followed by stretching. The first I call the “windmill.” Rotate the arms in front of the bottom, where they are crossed, legal Human Growth Hormone, up to the fully extended above the head. Keep them right, the rotation should take place in the shoulder joint for stretching and setting ligaments and tendons.

The second exercise is the same, but runs back, arms straight, but rather are rotated side than forward. After that stretch the pectoral muscles, removing straight or slightly bent arms back as if dilutions hands.

Repeat three consecutive exercises three approaches of 20 repetitions. Buy Human Growth Hormone online.

Now you’re warmed up, blood circulation in the muscles strengthened, it is time to stretch them. At first, the latissimus dorsi and shoulders. Get behind the high block, under the legs support the weight of 80% of what use for 10 reps, grip at shoulder width. Grasp the handle and let burdening stretch the upper body. Hold in the position of static contraction for 10-12 seconds before you relax and let the stretch burdening you, Human Growth Hormone for sale. All exercise should take about 25 seconds.

The following stretching exercises for the chest tendons. Grasp the fixed support extended towards the hand, turning torso in the opposite direction, stretch 25 seconds. Repeat the same for the other arm.

Finally stretching exercises for the shoulder girdle, triceps and biceps. Stand in front of a simulator for the traction, grip, hold on width of shoulders for support, which in normal use of the simulator is designed to keep the lower body still. Drag the static stationary object. Feel the stretch in the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Exercise should be done to slow the score to 25.

Do these three exercises one after the other in each of three approaches. After three laps of the warm-up and stretching three laps, which will take you 10 minutes, the upper body is ready for operation. Each exercise workouts do one light and one moderate approach to the workers.

Tendonitis of the shoulder and the biceps

Although this is usually mistaken for a shoulder injury (sore because it is), biceps tendonitis is actually a result of the release of his tendon from his bed at the upper end hamerusa, the largest arm bone. In 95% of cases, the situation can be remedied. The pain is felt under the front beam of the deltoid muscle, and therefore often mistaken for a shoulder injury, Human Growth Hormone order. This is usually misdiagnosed as bursitis or stretching of the joint capsule of the shoulder girdle. If the biceps tendon is not put back into place, it will cause disease shoulder as bitsepsovaya ligament stabilizes the shoulder joint. When she is not where it should be, side and rear shoulder tendon experiencing additional stress gradually become inflamed and begin to hurt. In the end, all may end up just inflammation of the shoulder joint, Somatropin discounts.

What causes such a common and painful injury? For bodybuilders, it’s almost always work on the chest. The main culprits – bench press and bench press on an incline bench. Pullovery and breeding hands, too involved, especially running on the Peck-Dec-simulator when arms are raised. If you already had a similar injury, you should avoid Pec Dec, like the plague, Human Growth Hormone influence.