Growth hormone was discovered in the 1920s., As obtained in crystalline form from the pituitary gland of animals in 1944 by scientists and Liam Evans, Somatropin.

In 1956, human growth hormone has been isolated, and in 1958 from the New England endocrinologist meditsin¬skogo Center in Boston Maurice Raben first introduced it to the child, who did not grow due to the fact that his body generally does not produce this hormone. Treatment po¬moglo and the child began to grow. Buy Somatropin.

Soon, this example was followed by other doctors. Treatment of adolescents with growth hormone deficiency, has become a reality. It seemed that this was a wonderful outlet for children who are without it gormo¬na were destined to become use Somatropin the people below the normal growth or even dwarfs. Soon, however, disaster struck.

At that time, the only source of growth hormone was the human brain – the brain dead. For just a few drops of the hormone, which could be introduced to a sick child, tre-Bova brains of thousands of dead.

Most of the corpses material comes from Africa. Hormone extracted from pituitary and poskol¬ku it is destroyed by heating on farmatsevtiche¬skih plants it was pasteurized and not sterilized. In 1980-ies. once in three children treated with growth hormone developed a rare viral disease – bo¬lezn Creutzfeldt-Jacob (BKD), legal Somatropin. It harakte¬rizuetsya progressive dementia and loss of muscle control. For about 5 years, the sick person dies.

Following the discovery of the disease in children treated with growth hormone, the spread of drugs was osta¬novena dianoxyl 10. In 1991 BKD occurred in seven children in the United States and around the world, there were 50 cases of the disease-associated with injections of growth hormone, Somatropin for sale. And the number of patients can continue to grow as a disease caused by an infectious agent that can not be felt for a long time (15 years) before the onset of symptoms.

Because of the brain as the source of gormo¬na corpses had to be abandoned, there is a very difficult problem – to provide a synthetic hormone. Growth hormone – is the largest protein produced by the pituitary gland and consists of 191 amino acids. Buy Somatropin online.

Create a molecule of this size, but still in order arrange pra¬vilnom amino acids – prak¬ticheski impossible task. However, in the 1980s. a new technology – genetic engineering, po¬zvolyavshaya scientists clone human body proteins and get them in large quantities through re¬produktivny mechanism of the bacteria E. coli, very common in the human intestine. In 1985, the kom¬paniya “Genentech”, which had previously been successfully cloned the human gene for insulin, has created the second in the history of medicine on the basis of recombinant DNA – somatotropin.

Genetically engineered growth hormone different from the human analogue svoe¬go only one amino acid. Although it is a small discrepancy will not otrazi¬los on the effectiveness of the drug in its effect on the human body, it opened the door for konku¬rentov. Buy Somatropin.

The following year, based in Indianapolis pharmaceutical company “Eli Lilly” has created consisting of 191 amino acids new growth hormone (drug gumatotrop), which was 100% iden¬tichen (physically, chemically and biologically) to that which is produced by the pituitary gland of human, Somatropin order. They appealed for legal protection of new medicines.

The two pharmaceutical companies, the war broke out, the result of which was razre¬shenie produce and sell the drug both kom¬paniyam, and for all other manufacturers farma¬tsevtichesky market was closed. As a result, to date, drug treatment costs a patient 14 to 30 thousand. Dollars per year, which yav¬lyaetsya unrealistic price for bol¬shinstva suffering from growth hormone deficiency, Somatropin discount.